Dope Jars® Stacking Footed Herb Storage 4 Pack


Includes designs pictured.

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Dope Jars – One of a Kind Herb Storage (Fits About 1/8 Depending on Nug Density) (All 4 Designs)

You get 4 jars! The Volume of each jar is 106cc, which fits 1/8 ounce of herb ~ Dope Jars unique design is the perfect conversation starter. The design of this jar is unlike any jar shape you have ever seen. These Jars stack, and if you have two of them, you can spin the top jar like a top. Will trip your friends out.

  • Unique Design that allows Jars to Stack and Spin
  • The first thing your friends will say is “Dope”!
  • Designed to be a cool and decorative way to stash herb
  • Crystal Clear Glass

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Indica/Sativa 2-Pack, Skull 2-Pack, Eye/Skull 2-Pack, Eye/Leaf 2-Pack


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