Child Resistant Stash Jar – One Love


60 Gram Herb Storage, Child Resistant Stash Jar – with Dope Designs Deep Etched (One Love)


Dope Jars offers you the chance to stash herb in something that looks good. Just Compare our glass to the other stash jars on Amazon. Dope Jars have been deep etched (by Hand in Seattle WA) – so the logo is permanently in the glass. This is a durable product that will last. We’ll add that the art was made specifically for this project by world class designers. Our unique design is the perfect conversation starter.

· ASTM, CPSC Child-Resistant Lid, which is Airtight
· Designed to be a cool and decorative way to stash herb
· Logo is deep etched (by Hand) in Seattle WA
· Holds about 10-14 grams of flower depending on nug density and manicure
· 2″ Diameter Jar x 6 inches Long


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