dope jarsKeep your herbs stored well in Dope Jars

How you store the herbs and cannabis buds plays a pivotal role in their aging process and determines how long they will be able to retain their freshness, taste and aroma. That is why it is very important that dope jars are being used to stash those green herbs. These jars not only provide a storage option that looks good, but it also helps in protecting the greens from the inevitable aging process.


One of the major reasons that trigger the aging of green herbs is the exposure of these greens to the light. If there would have been a way to protect the herbs from getting exposed to the UV rays of the sun, it would have lengthened the aging process of herbs and other items that needs to be stored for a long time. The dope jars being made of premium European Ultraviolet glass serves as the right storage option which prevents the visible rays of light from passing through the glass and degrades the contents of the container.


The dark Dope Jars have a cool appearance. The dark violet glass also protects the contents from harmful rays by blocking the total spectrum of visible light barring the violet light. The unique logos that are hand-etched on the dope jars give them an exclusive appearance.

The clear-footed jars are something that you will not get to see in other companies very often. The distinctive design of the jars not only makes them look one of a kind but also allows the jars be stacked up without toppling over. The clear-footed jars are made of crystal clear glass which adds to their beauty. It is very inexpensive and unique.


The performance of the Dope Jars, regardless of their size is just amazing. The Miron Ultraviolet glass permits only the violet light from the spectrum of visible light to penetrate the jar. It also allows a certain part of it to be permeable for radiation in the spectral range of UV-A, and infra red light. This is particularly useful and important to note because it lengths the potency and shelf life of the products stored in the Dope Jars.


  • Dope Jars are made of dark violet glass and are available in 3 different sizes
  • 250 ml jar measures 3.9” high, 3” diameter and 2.3” lid diameter
  • 400 ml jar measures 5.5” high, 3” diameter and 2.3” lid diameter
  • 500 ml jar measures 602” high, 3” diameter and 2.5” lid diameter
  • Clear-footed jars are available in 4 different sizes
  • Child resistant lids are offered for 250ml and 400ml jars

What you need to know about the product

In addition to the regular 5 logos which are available for etching on the glass of the dope jars, the manufacturers also offer the flexibility to get anything etched on the glass to match the brand needs of the customers. So you can have your own personalized jars.

Our Final Thoughts

Dope jars are quite common at stores. However, these Dope Jars with their unique design, impeccable quality of hand-etching, and the dark violet glass offers a combination which is very rarely found in other dope jars. All in all, if you have got some cannabis, herbs, teas, coffee, nuts or other super foods to be stored, these Dope Jars are the best choice for storage. We highly recommend it.

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