Put your marijuana in something legit.

Dope Jars™  offers you the chance to stash bud in something that looks good. Let’s face it, weed is cool. So pimp out your paraphernalia. Our jars are the most premium glass on the market and we custom etch amazing logos on each one. Our unique design is the perfect conversation starter to you blazing it up with your friends. Buy a Dope Jar™ and impress.  (Pulled from their site)

Love Starr Photography

Love Starr Photography

Not going to lie I was totally impressed by the design an the ability for them to stack, but was it really the best jar to keep my stash? Lets find out, luckily I had one of each of the jars so I was abledopejar to review the sizes as well as use and durability. From small to the large size jar I could tell the design was the same, simple lid “Do not Over Torque Lid” clearly printed on the front and on top of some lids. What is over torquing? Don’t I want my jar to be air tight? So I did it anyways and the lid just slid off into the next slot and became loose, kinda a bummer if I wanted to really keep my product fresh…Which it does, just not the best container for extended storage unless I get the tightness just right on the lid I could see it being good for storage just not storage on the go.  Heavy duty glass and I mean “HEAVY”.

So the thing that makes Dope Jars™ so intriguing is its design and the fact you can stack them, this part about them is indeed pretty cool I haven’t seen any other jar that has legs or that can stack on top of another one.

Now sure the design is “DOPE” and everyone is going to want one, problem one with the design you can’t easily conceal it which makes it stand out like sore thumb not to mention the lid tends to come off if knocked around enough.  So other than the fact that its rather bulky, heavy and basically a novelty to sit on a shelf and be looked at “good for displays at dispensaries or coffee shops” not good for the average stash jar for one simple and very important fact. When using Dope Jars as a Dry Herb container you come across the problem of the opening not being big enough and having to crush or take apart your precious flowers, then you end up with little bits and pieces stuck in the corners that is impossible to retrieve.

Overall I would say this Jar is great for someone who would like to display anything in a DOPE way or have custom jars to promote something, for the every day user…..every bit of it is annoying.

Love Starr Photography

Love Starr Photography

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