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Store your herbs in Dope Jars

Dope Jars are great storage options for your herbs. Although you can find any jar or even regular plastic container to stash your favorite herbs especially cannabis, there may not be a guarantee for freshness. Keeping organic items inside a container is wise as there is a probability to be infected with molds or dryness resulting to decay and poor humidity. However, with the Dope Jars in large sizes, one can be assured of lasting aroma and freshness of herbs inside these containers.


Visible light exposure can affect the livability of green herbs, making them susceptible to molds and decay. For someone who puts value in keeping the herbs fresh for a longer period, the challenge is to find the best storage option to effectively do the purpose of maintaining freshness. The Dope Jars is created with a premium European Ultraviolet glass technology would serve as the great storage choice to prevent the visible rays of light to emanate through the glass. The UV blocking technology can prevent degradation of the herbs and make them longer lasting for continuous consumption.


Aside from the elegant, cylindrical dark appearance, Dope Jars violet glass containers are artistically crafted to  emphasize the aesthetics of the storage option.The hand-etched unique logos add more appeal to the over-all appearance, which says that the container is more that just what its intended purpose. It’s an art object with functions.

Another design of the Dope Jars is something you may rarely see in glass shops or even online. But the eccentricity of the design is not only for aesthetic purpose. The distinctive  crystal-clear glass design allows the jars be stacked up without toppling over, keeping the herbs from wasting.


Did you know that the Miron Ultraviolet glass uses a technology that would only allow only the violet light from the spectrum of visible light to penetrate the jar. It also allows a certain part of it to be permeable for radiation in the spectral range of UV-A, and infra red light. The violet light is seen to have a certain purpose for cleansing. UV-A and infra red light spectra can kill bacteria, molds and algae. Well, the glass technology is laboratory-tested, so it’s not just simple claim just to sell.


  • Dope Jars are made of dark violet glass and are available in 3 different size
  • 500 ml jar measures 602” high, 3” diameter and 2.5” lid diameter
  • Clear-footed jars are available in 4 different sizes
  • Child resistant lids are offered for 250ml and 400ml jars

Our Final Thoughts

You can find Dope Jars in various stores including online. However, these Dope Jars with  unique design and dark violet glass technology offer a great choice for those desiring for more art objects aside from just typical mundane storage items. If you have got some cannabis, herbs, teas, coffee, nuts or other super foods to be stored, these Dope Jars are the best storage options. We highly recommend it.

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