Dope Jars® is based out of Seattle Washington. By ordering from us you are helping a small business provide unique products for an Industry we are passionate about. 

We have 2 main product line of Jars: Footed and Black Dope Jars®

~ Footed Jars are thick durable glass that feels like quality when you have it in your hand. You’ve never seen a jar shape like it. When you have two jars of the same size, they stack on top of each other – try this with the biggest size and the stability of the glass allows the top jar to be spun like a top. It’s trippy.

~ Our Deep Etch Black Dope Jars® are the Dopest version of Miron Ultraviolet Glass on Amazon. Lots of other Merchants are taking the same Miron jar and just putting in a box. They even lie and claim to be the manufacturer. Lame! We logo our jars deep into the glass, making it a product that no one else can replicate. Instead spending money pummeling you with Amazon sponsored adds, we would rather add the value to the product, which is why Sandblast Etch ours (by hand).